Real food Real Wine

"Real Food Real Wine" is a program aiming to introduce authentic Asian food and Australian Premium wines to both local and international consumers in Adelaide. The program cooperates with a vast list of Asian restaurants and Australian wineries.We've held nearly 20 successful Real Food Real Wine events so far, and they've been covered by the local media!


If you attend one of our events, you will get to taste special dishes from the restaurants. Some of these dishes are not available when you walk into a restaurant, they are only available through the event or by reservation. So even though some of the participating restaurants have been established in Adelaide for over a decade, you will still find something new at the event.

At the same time, our partner wineries often bring out their best work. WRC team has the experience and knowledge to help the wineries match the wine with the meal. Professional meal and wine pairings are the souls of the entire event.

In addition to the delicious food and wine, WRC will add many fun aspects to the event. For example, raffles, quizzes, etc.
In the last few events, we have also invited a famous traditional Chinese musical instrument player from South Australia to perform live music.

How to register

You can subscribe to us on Eventbrite or sign up for our membership. When the event starts, we usually provide early bird tickets for the first 10 customers who purchase tickets in advance.


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