A Self Introduction From Wine Residents Club

Who is Wine Residents Club?

We are a team of wine professionals from Adelaide. Every member of the team is passionate about wine. Most of the members have studied and researched wine systematically at universities in South Australia.


What do WRC want?

We are committed to promoting the high quality wine from South Australia.

South Australia is Australia's most important wine region, producing nearly half of the country's wine. It is also home to very rare old vines which, due to their unique location, have escaped the phylloxera pest that ravages the world.

At the same time, the natural conditions here are very diverse, with climates ranging from cool to hot and terrain ranging from valleys to Riverlands, shaping a rich variety of wine styles.


What has the WRC done?

Since 2020, South Australian wine has been experiencing trade problems, with many small and medium-sized wineries experiencing a significant impact on sales. As a local South Australian wine team, we wanted to offer some help to local wineries.

1. Australia in a Glass

The first is to produce a documentary. Based on our research and understanding of South Australian wines, we selected some South Australian wineries to interview and make a documentary.

The wine industry is an industry span crosses the agriculture, manufacture, and service industries. It covers a broad range of Australian economic resources and cultures. This documentary examines the in-depth activities and contradictions of the Australian wine industry from a personal perspective.

What we conveyed through the documentary is not the problems encountered by the wineries, but the positive attitude and efforts of the winery people in facing life.

If you are interested, please watch through :



Australia in a Glass

2. Real food Real Wine

Secondly, we hold real wine and real food events. You can find this event on Eventbrite. The right food pairing can make the wine be tasted better.

We contacted local restaurants in Adelaide and matched their food with the winery's wines. This not only allows the restaurants and wineries to promote their wines locally but also helps the wineries to make secondary sales.

Zhen Premium is also part of the secondary sales. Currently, all the wines on the website are from real wine and real food wineries.





Thirdly, we have opened a wine bar in the local city center and will launch some events in the future. Our wine bar also works with local South Australian wineries to help them sell and promote their wines.

If you are in South Australia, you are welcome to visit our wine bar to find out more and experience the fun. Our address is 36 Grote st, Adeliade, 5000, SA.


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