REAL FOOD REAL WINE VOL. 20A - Zhen Premium Wines
REAL FOOD REAL WINE VOL. 20A - Zhen Premium Wines
REAL FOOD REAL WINE VOL. 20A - Zhen Premium Wines

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Real Food Real Wine 20A

Reschke Coonawarra with Kopi Tim Malaysian food

We bring you the most Authentic Malaysian food made by Kopi Tim with legendary Reschke Wines from Coonawarra.

Date: 1 September 2021

Time: 6:00 - 9:00PM

Address: 168 Gouger Street Adelaide SA 5000

About Real Food Real Wine

“Real Food Real Wine” is an Asian food & Australian wine pairing event. The event was launched in November 2019 by Wine Residents Club and Oh Rice Media in Adelaide, South Australia. Now we've been invited to Melbourne for the best wines, performances and experiences!

Reschke Wines

“The Reschke commitment starts from the vine.”

The Reschke history and its close relationship with Coonawarra began in 1906 with the establishment of a prime Hereford stud in the heart of the region. It is this cattle grazing heritage that is reflected in the Reschke bull logo, and the names of the premium Reschke wines.

Reschke’s 400-acre vineyard consists primarily of the varietal that is famous as Coonawarra’s crown jewel; Cabernet Sauvignon. Burke Reschke, the fourth generation in the family to work the land in Coonawarra, started to develop vineyards and grow grapes for other wineries on the Reschke estate in 1989. The resulting fruit was of such exceptional quality that it was in demand throughout the nineties and used in some of Australia's icon wines. In 1998, Burke released the first wine under the Reschke brand – Empyrean - from the most outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon parcels on the property.

Kopi Tim Gouger St.

Miss the traditional taste of Malaysian Food from a holiday? Kopi Tim, the first Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown, is an iconic eatery stuck out on the western edge of Gouger Street. Impenetrable from the exterior, it looks exactly like the sort of restaurant you need to know about before ever venturing inside. Its neon sign has been aglow for as long as we can remember – it precedes all the on-trend neon signs hung on Adelaide’s more contemporary restaurants by many years.

It looks shabby – heck, it looks weird. But by goodness, is the food delicious. Just one thing… is a compendium dedicated to Adelaide establishments both new and old; A WikiEats of sorts for Adelaide food enthusiasts to check in on and check off.

Menu of the Night

Malay style Salt & Pepper Squid 椒盐鱿鱼

Kopi Tim special Hainanese Chicken 海南鸡

Nestum King Prawn 麦片虾球

Traditional Sambal Fish 三巴鱼

Chef’s favourite marinized pork spare rib 招牌排骨王

House made Belacan Long bean Okra 虾酱四季豆和羊角豆

Beef Rendang curry 牛肉冷档

Mum’s recipe Salted fish Bok Choy咸鱼芽菜

Authentic Singapore noodle 新加坡米粉

Wine Tasting List

2021 Reschke R-Series Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Reschke R-Series Riesling 2021 Reschke R-Series Pinot Gris

Flagship wine tasting:

Reschke Empyrean 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Merlot 2019 Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 Reschke Bull Trader Shiraz

Reschke’s Old vintage

2005 Reschke Vitulus Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Reschke Bos Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Reschke Bos Cabernet Sauvignon

Sweet end

2010 Reschke Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc (375ml)

Tickets Pricing

Start from $66/Person

Things you need to be aware

  • Refund Policy: 7 workings days before the event.
  • Please ensure you advise of any dietary requirements.
  • For group bookings over 6 people, please contact WRC to discuss table options. As we use the freshest seasonal produce, the menu and wine list are subject to change.
  • If you are going to hold a special occasion, please let us know in the first place. Your special requests might not be able to meet due to our event specialty.
  • Water and wines are provided at the event. Any other drinks will be available for your purchases.
  • Some dishes may contain MSG, chilli and soy sauce, as the restaurant determines.
  • Due to the complexity of Asian cooking, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens. Please be aware that the menu items may contain WHEAT, EGG, DAIRY PRODUCT, NUT, SEAFOOD, MSG, GLUTEN and other allergens.
  • Our events are mostly shared dish events.
  • Our events are filmed and photographed, please let us know if you don't wish to be included on any of our footage for social media using.

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